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Bulleid Locos Site Changes

History of web-site changes and development.

24th May 2020 - An article about the introduction of Bulleid's West Country Class in 1945, focussing on the naming ceremonies that year (75th anniversary in 2020). Click here to view the article.

10th Feb 2020 - A new info page listing the drawings of a 7 1/4" gauge Battle of Britain loco by Ernest Steel. There are a few drawings missing, so if any reader has information about these, please get in touch. Click here to view the article.

3rd Feb 2020 - An update to Doug Rundle's article about contructing his West Country class loco in 2 1/2" gauge. Click here to view the article.

18th Dec 2019 - An article about a new 3.5" gauge rebuild Westcountry class from Martyn. 'Boscastle' is being designed to a high standard using 3D CAD including tab and slot joints, along with detailed castings derived from 3D printing, and jaw dropping 'metal printed' stretchers (I have handled them - they're amazing). Comprehensively designed from works drawings, this promises to be an exciting project, and may be the basis of a popular and sensibly sized locomotive when it becomes available. Click here to view the article.

14th May 2019 - An update to Bob's article showing good progress in building his well researched rebuilt Merchant Navy class loco, Holland-Afrika Line. Click here to view the article.

8th March 2019 - Second part of article by Kevin Neate describing the ongoing construction of his rebuilt Merchant Navy class loco. Click here to view the article.

March 3rd 2019 - A new article about a Merchant Navy class model built by Russell Coffin, who fired the full size versions during the swansong of Southern steam. Click here to view the article.

Jan 2nd 2018 - A new article by Kevin Neate describing his build of a Merchant Navy class, inspired by school age visits to Barry scrapyard; restarting construction after a break of 20 years. Click here to view the article.

Jul 14th 2017 - A new article by Ross Hickey describing his new build of a 5 inch gauge Ariel in Australia. Click here to view.

Oct 4th 2016 - New item by Keith Wood describing the design and build of his model of BofB class 'Winston Churchill' ... Click here to view.

July 20th 2016 - New item by Doug Rundle on the build on his new West Country loco. Click here to view.

July 10th 2016 - New item by Clive Young recounting the story of the only Ashford built Bulleid pacific .... Click here to view.

July 10th 2016 - Describing a loco that has been an inspiration to a few builders featured on this site. Tony Crowhurst describes the building of Dick Cushing superb Bulleid Pacific. Click here to view.

June 25th 2016 - Major face-lift to web-site; re-written code to allow flexible page sizes and easier updating. Ten years from the intial page that started this site.

September 5th 2014 - Very appropriate to marking the 50th Anniversary of the last Atlantic Coast Express (yes it was 1964), a new article by Bob Gates of Bristol, describing his building of a 5" gauge rebuilt Merchant Navy. Click here to view.

January 30th 2013 - A correction to details on the CC1 page, and a new photo of a motor generator set - with thanks to Mark Bowman. Click here to view.

December 4th 2012 - Now completed - the long awaited update describing the build of Bernard North's model of 'Padstow'. Click here.