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O.V.S. Bulleid's - Steam Locomotives Classes.

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B.R. NumberS.R. No.Loco NamedBuilt AtBuilt DateRebuilt DateService EndTotal MileageSavedNotes
3500121C1Channel PacketEastleigh41/0659/0864/111,095,884  
3500221C2Union CastleEastleigh41/0658/0564/021,101,914  
3500321C3Royal MailEastleigh41/0959/0867/071,131,793  
3500421C4Cunard White StarEastleigh41/1058/0765/101,131,417  
3500521C5Canadian PacificEastleigh41/1259/0565/10976,806  
3500621C6Peninsular & Oriental S.N. Co.Eastleigh41/1259/1064/081,134,319  
3500721C7Aberdeen CommonwealthEastleigh42/0658/0567/071,318,765  
3500821C8Orient LineEastleigh42/0657/0567/071,286,418  
3500921C9Shaw SavillEastleigh42/0657/0364/071,127,452  
3501021C10Blue StarEastleigh42/0757/0166/091,241,929  
3501121C11General Steam NavigationEastleigh44/1259/0766/021,069,128  
3501221C12United States LinesEastleigh45/0157/0267/041,134,836  
3501321C13Blue FunnelEastleigh45/0256/0567/071,114,658  
3501421C14Nederland LineEastleigh45/0256/0767/031,062,394  
3501521C15Rotterdam LloydEastleigh45/0358/0664/02813,950  
3501621C16Elders FyffesEastleigh45/0357/0465/08900,637  
3501721C17Belgian MarineEastleigh45/0457/0366/071,017,754  
3501821C18British India LineEastleigh45/0556/0264/08956,544  
3501921C19French Line C.G.T.Eastleigh45/0659/0565/09947,344  
3502021C20Bibby LineEastleigh45/0656/0465/02981,479  

The information above shown for interest, has been gleaned from a number of sources, and is hopefully accurate.  However if you spot a correction that should be made to the list, please send me a note through the feedback form.

Final mileages for the Q1 are not available.  Despite checking with Search Engine at the National Railway Museum, the record cards show the general repair mileages, but sadly not the final mileage for any Class member.  However, totalling the service mileages shows that some class members ran very close to a remarkable 1,000,000 miles.