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Peter's Q1 in Action

Photos by Martin Parham

Considering that Peter trained as an apprentice at Ashford works in 1948, perhaps it is not too surprising that he should choose to model a Q1; although he didn't stay working on the railway.

Working from measurements taken from the preserved Q1 while it was based at the Bluebell Railway, Peter worked up sketches of parts, later discarded, building his model over a period of 2 years.

Although he's never seen another one modelled, Peter overcame the difficulties to create a convincingly proportioned Q1.

This includes fine rivet detail to the tender chassis, and even the inclusion of the black canvas cover between the loco and tender.

The rear section of the cab roof, and front bulkhead and roof section of the tender are removable, allowing access to the cab and enabling oversize drivers to drive the Q1.

In operation the model follows prototype practice; Peter's Q1 has Stephenson's valve gear, driving piston valves.

Similarly, the model relies on 2 injectors as per prototype, and does not have an axle pump for water feed.

However, although a good representation, the steam reverser is a dummy, the wayshaft actually moved by a rod running beneath the boiler cladding.

The smokebox is well proportioned, the door held closed by 8 spaced dog catches.

Built for hard work, his Q1 appears to be spot-on, and is certainly robust and reliable, performing many passenger hauling duties.

The Number C20 was chosen by Peter as he completed his Q1 in the Millenium year, and he has had it in regular use since then.